Pressburg Trade Center: just a stone’s throw from your office to the center of town

At Štúrova 4, you are located in the heart of Bratislava and your rent for the office is fantastic. Just a 5-10 minutes walk away is SOHO Bistro, Arthur Ice Cream and the Eurovea Shopping Centre.

You can walk from your office to the terrace, sip your favorite coffee and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Old Town and Bratislava Castle.

A new chapter of your business unfolds inside the Pressburg Trade Center.

The price will be a pleasant surprise

Tell your friends that even though you are located in the center of Bratislava, the rent you pay is incredibly generous (starting at €9.50 per square meter each month).

Space shaped to your company’s needs

Because you have a medium-sized firm, a 282 square meters office is recommended. It has been partitioned to give you plenty of privacy.

The Pressburg Trade Center is the right place for both large and small companies. Minimum space for rent is 180 square meters.

Your office is comfortable and secure

Rooms are modern. The building has everything your comfort and sense of security require:

  • Operable window with outside blinds
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Closed-circuit television
  • Raised floor
  • Elevator
  • Reception desk

Park at the building’s underground parking

With your own space inside, you never have to park far from where you work.

Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, a pharmacy and a shopping center are about a 5-10 minute walk from your office.

Some of your staff can use the cycle path to get to work

Two of your employees have opted to bike to work and use the path leading directly to the building, where they can safely leave their environmentally friendly means of transport.

If they need to wash up after playing a sport, they can use one of the showers inside the building to be absolutely ready for that morning meeting with a client.

Have frequent discussions at the atrium

Sometimes a quiet, relaxing environment inside the building helps with less or more important discussions you want to have with employees and colleagues. The surrounding plants contribute to a relaxed and open atmosphere.

Sit down at a table (sometimes for lunch) and start discussing matters.

Grow strawberries on the terrace

You and your staff have agreed to plant strawberries. Next year it might be mint, balm or lavender for tea.

Read the board with good advice for growing plants if you have never gardened before.

Even bees have been spotted on one of the terraces, which the hive’s owners keep for two reasons:

  • Ecology – they play a major role, for example, in plant growth
  • Sustainability – they produce their own honey, a renewable raw material, thereby contributing to conservation of natural resources for future generations

Wrapping up

Are you looking for an office in the center of Bratislava at an affordable price? If yes, check out the options for renting a office at the Pressburg Trade Center (Štúrova 4, 811 02 Bratislava)